Reducing Food Waste w/ Debt Kickin’ Mom – EP 92

Reigning in our food and grocery bills can be one of the most challenging things to our budgets! We often talk about cooking at home and being savvy with the items we purchase, but what about controlling our food waste? It’s staggering how much food ends up in the trash and thereby how much money is wasted, which is why we are pumped to be talking with Debt Kickin’ Mom about how to get a handle on our food consumption and save money in the process!


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  • Basic: one of the best things we can aim at in our financial lives. Want to reduce spending – just buy the basics. Get back to the basics with food, clothing, bills – really anything! Basic: we know We’ve reached the pinnacle of frugality When ‘ya basic’ becomes a compliment

Notable Notes:

We had so much fun talking with Debt Kickin’ Mom and got to pick her brain on all the things! Here are our favorite questions we asked:

  • Tell us about your debt free journey
  • What prompted you to start focusing on reducing food waste?
  • What are your tips for families who want to stop throwing away so many leftovers and unused produce?
    • Only bringing in what you will realistically consume
    • Reduce,
      • Meal plan around what’s in your pantry
      • Pay attention to how much you actually need to eat
    • Reuse
      • Leftovers
      • Preserve food
    • Recycle
      • compost
  • How do you stay healthy while saving money on groceries?
    • It is frugal to make things from scratch which is also healthy!
    • Convenience foods are expensive and often less healthy
    • Cooking at home means choosing the ingredients in your meals
    • Eat when you’re hungry
    • Sweet potatoes, beans, whole chickens

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Angela for sharing your mortgage bill with us! It is so exciting to focus on paying off your house!!

Lightning Round

The one (or more) ingredient you always skip in the recipe

  • Angela- rare ingredients! I always substitute!
  • Jen- bay leaves, lime juice, tamarind
  • Jill- FRESH herbs – those dried herbs will do just fine 😉

Get more from Angela at:

Wrapping Up:

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