Pawn Shops -The Hidden Gems of Secondhand – EP 27

They have a reputation for being ‘shady’ and there’s the unfortunate play on words that TV shows love to exploit – but for the frugal shopper – pawn shops shouldn’t be ignored! Today we discuss some of the highlights of these hidden gems and how to be a shrewd & savvy shopper in these secondhand establishments. We explore this topic from the perspective of the consumer and share our own areas of novice and expertise while also reviewing some common pitfalls. If you have frequented pawn shops, or have never stepped foot in one – this episode’s for you!


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  • Televisions: they’re a dime a dozen at pawn shops, and there’s always a new model so you can never keep up! Our most depressing sponsor yet. Televisions.

Notable Notes:

  • What the Internet has to say:
    • In this article from Wiki How we specifically look at the 5 tips for buying from a pawn shop. Complete with mesmerizing illustrations, this article provides some excellent advise when considering a pawn shop purchase.
  • What Jen and Jill have to say:
    • We agree with the suggestion to research – this goes for anything – but certainly do your research on the product you would like to buy and make sure you know what it’s worth!
    • Negotiate! This is not something you can do at a thrift store – how exciting!
      • Cash helps in your negotiating endeavors!
    • WALK AWAY – you owe them nothing!! If you are uncomfortable or not happy with a price, don’t feel stuck or obligated.
    • Look at review on the actual pawn shop – 3 stars or higher is great in this category!
    • Know what you want before you go in 
  • More from the Internet:
    • This article from Brad’s Deals outlines the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of pawn shop purchasing. There are some great nuggets of wisdom and guidance, but we say ‘rules are meant to be broken’!
  • More from Jen and Jill:
    • We like the general list of items to avoid purchasing at a point shop – BUT Jen has broken pretty much all of these rules and it worked out fine for her so…make your own decisions 😉
    • Consider exploring online pawn shops – might be a light intro for someone a bit hesitant to walk into a store

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  • Thanks Jen for providing us with your very own bill! We enjoyed your bit about Bill Kurtis of Wait Wait Don’t tell me and Anchorman!

Our Pawn Shop Wins and Loses:

  • Jill – Has zero experience in this department, except for a weird dream that may or may not have been reality. SO don’t listen to her advise.
  • Jen Has SO much experience with pawn shops and has purchased all of the following at these secondhand establishments: engagement ring, laptop, Travis’ tools (power drills and saws), indestructible bluetooth speaker, a Chromecast, P90X, video game systems and games, watch, pilot headset, typewriter, and bicycles.

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