Frugal Cooking & Meal Prep Tips With Jess Dang of Cook Smarts – EP 26

We are so excited to have Jess Dang, the Founder of Cook Smarts on the podcast today! After experiencing health complications of her own, Jess desired to provide a useful service to others that may be experiencing difficulty in meal planning, and finding recipes to suite their dietary needs. Jess gives us a behind the scenes look at CookSmarts, and shares some expert frugal tips for meal planning, eating at home, and improving your kitchen skills!


  • Cook Smarts – not an official sponsor, but we are big fans! It’s a meal planning service that provides 4 meals per week and they have regular, gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian versions AND they’re offering 3 free meal plans 
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    • Check them out at
  • Borrowing: it’s not just something you do at the library. This is deeply rooted value in the frugal community and you can try it out for free today! Need a nice pair of shoes you know you’ll only wear once? Borrow it! Thinking about buying a deep fryer but you’re not sure it’s worth the investment? Borrow it! You can try this tactic with anything but food and underwear! Borrowing – the better option to spending.

Notable Notes:

  • We talk with Jess about how Cook Smarts got started, and some of her tips for meal plan, prep, recipe selection, kitchen skills, and must-have gadgets. Whether or not you use Cook Smarts, Jess has some great advice to share!
    • Questions for Jess from Jen and Jill:
      • For the person who’s too busy, what are some easy quick solutions to make dinner happen?
      • For the person who doesn’t like leftovers, how do they get around that and eliminate food waste?
      • For the person who hates cooking, where should they start?
      • What are the top kitchen gadgets to have and which should we pass on?
    • Questions from the Community:
      • “What are your best tips regarding cooking for 1”
      • “If I can’t get fresh veggies, should I buy frozen – or is it better to just purchase an entire frozen meal at that point?”

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Jess for sharing your ‘bill’ with us this week!

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