Finding Your “Why” For Frugality | Don’t be Frugal for Frugal’s Sake – EP 17

Before the frugal journey, comes the “why” that propels it all. It is different for each of us, but there needs to be a reason behind the unusual frugal lifestyle we choose! Today we discuss our “why’s” and help you define yours.


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Notable Notes:

This article from US News gives 6 reasons about why frugality is important, followed by a short list of some great frugal skills to acquire. We agree with the frugal benefits listed!

  • Reasons we like frugality:
    • allows us to work our dream career (even if it’s lower paying!)
    • frugality is better for the environment – hello simplicity!
    • helps us save aggressively for retirement
    • changes our perspective entirely on nearly everything!

This article gives a unique perspective on frugality and touches on another one of our “why’s” for living the frugal lifestyle, which is generosity. Becoming Minimalist writes about 9 ways generous people see the world differently, and we think there are a lot of overlaps with frugality here!

  • What we have to say about this topic:
    • how we approach frugality and generosity really speaks to the age-old ‘ice-breaker’ question of “what would you do if you had a million dollars?”
    • frugality allows us to give of our time and resources in a way that is sustainable

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From our community – here’s what our frugal friends had to say about their “why’s” behind frugality:

  • Hilary said traveling inspires her frugality and seeing that it’s people, not stuff that brings her joy
  • Shaana is trying to be a good steward of the blessings she has, she wants to help kids pay for college, AND she wants to be able to give more
  • Alexandra said it’s because her family was notorious for frivolous spending when she was a child and she promised herself she wouldn’t follow in their footsteps
  • Katherine said it’s because her husband is a grad student and she’s a relatively new entrepreneur

In case you haven’t heard….we are starting The Frugal Friends Book Club!

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