Eco-Friendly Frugality | Frugal Environmentalism – EP 157

Frugality plays nicely with many other valuable tenets and environmentalism is no exception! Engaging with eco-friendly products and living a sustainable lifestyle matches well with frugality and does not need to be considered a luxury!


  • The Emergency Fund: Whether it’s $500, $1000, or $15,000, you need money set aside in case you’re laid off, are unable to work, or for any other emergency expense. And keeping it in a high-yield savings account separate from your regular checking and savings lessens the likelihood of spending it. Any high-yield savings account without fees or minimum balance requirements will do. Currenty we like Axos bank for its lack of fees and impressive .61% APY. And when you sign up for an account through you support the show at no extra cost to you!
  • Reusing: Sits between reduce and recycle on the cycle of stuff. Kind of how Jill noticed I reused my sponsor from 110 episodes ago for this episode and made me change it. I also reused an article and I made her find another because I had to write a new sponsor and I can’t do everything you know? Reusing. Good for stuff, bad for content I guess.

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What the Internet has to say:

This article from Brightly describes why environmentalism and sustainability is not just for the wealthy (and how we even began to think this in the first place!)

What Jen and Jill have to say:

  • Is sustainability just for the wealthy?
  • Products, containers, homes do NOT need to be beautiful and ‘grammable’
  • There can be a difference between friendly products vs. least impact!
  • Adopt a ‘work with what you got’ mentality
  • Tip – use up what you have before replacing with ‘eco-friendly’ – also try swaps
    • Make-up alley
  • Buy clothing secondhand and sell clothes on apps (poshmark, thredup, etc.)
  • We can’t buy our way to green
  • Get DIY around the house
    • Wash clothes in cooler temperatures
    • Turn off lights! And use less heat + A/C 🙂
    • Explore ways to be more energy efficient

More from the Internet:

This article from Green Foresters gives us tips on how to pair frugality with being eco-friendly

More from Jen + Jill:

  • How sustainability and frugality go hand in hand
    • Green doesn’t have to be considered a luxury
    • Make your own products
    • BYO cups + bags (we have found this helpful with guests – having reusable on hand when people are staying overnight)
    • Buy secondhand first
    • Native landscape – interesting one! Haven’t seen this on a list before – better for environment and native species and better crop yields
    • Eat less meat and dairy


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Lightning Round 

Small changes we’ve made check-in OR anything new implemented?

  • Jill-  still using my water bottle, sewing to mend clothing or have curtains less expensively! And blending leftover produce into a smoothie (yay for reducing food waste!)
  • Jen- still using reusable napkins, NO PAPER TOWELS! Biodegradable toothbrush, purchasing coffee at home


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