How To Avoid Impulse Spending – Ep 156

We’re celebrating 3 years of the frugal friends podcast by taking a look at the factors that contribute to impulse buys and ways to avoid it!


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Ep 128 Emotional Spending w/ Leslie Tayne

Ep 133 How to Avoid Holiday Impulse Buying

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This infographic from Illinois Lending gives a snapshot of some helpful statistics related to the psychology of impulse spending

Graphic created by Illinois Lending.

More from the Internet:

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • What causes impulse buying?
    • Psychological love of new things
    • FOMO
    • Biases
    • Think we’re “saving money” since the item is less expensive
  • Tips to avoid impulse buys
    • Create a 30 day wait list try the ‘icebox’ Chrome extension creates waiting list
    • Avoid going to shopping areas
    • Find free ways to reward yourself
    • Be mindful of your reaction to impulse spending – what has happened in the past? Are those feelings worth the purchase?
    • Always have a list and a plan for your purchases


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Lightning Round

Our last impulse buy

  • Jen-  trip to St. Augustine Florida
  • Jill- A spiral stair case…


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