how to live a zero waste lifestyle frugally – EP 103

Decreasing our consumption, decreases our spending, which increases our savings AND creates sustainable practices! Sounds good right?! But how do we do this practically…and frugally?? On this episode we explore attainable ways to decrease our waste in an effort to live more frugally and steward our resources well. 


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  • Earth Day! Every April we celebrate the planet we live on and it’s environment. This year we celebrate the 50th official Earth Day by posting eco-friendly quotes, heartfelt posts on Facebook, and going to a free event with a folk band. Whatever you choose to do, remember that you only have one earth so take care of it because it takes longer to get to mars than we originally thought.

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Hestia Speaks provides tips for sustainable living on budget

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • Glass jars – perfectly reusable! You don’t need to buy new!
  • Simplify your meals – don’t spend on all the oils and fancy ingredients
    • Base your meals around 3 veggies instead of 5!
  • When you DO buy new…spend on high quality
  • Grow indoor herbs
  • Make a meal plan
  • Simplify your use of non-food products
  • Choose secondhand first
  • Host a swap party

More from the Internet

This article from Going Zero Waste describes 12 things you can STOP buying when you decrease your waste and consumption

More from Jen + Jill:

  • The average American spends almost $5,000 on products that are thrown away!
  • #1-3 AHHHHH
  • #4. Aluminum foil
  • #6. Trash bags
  • #8. Disposable water bottles
  • #9. Conventional cleaners
    • American family spends on cleaning supplies. Anywhere from $300-800 a year

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Andy Hill from Marriage, Kids, and Money podcast! We love your bill about kids summer camps 😉

Lightning Round

Our Favorite Frugal Zero-Waste Swaps

  • Jill- water filter (and reusable bottle) + food creativity (i’m no pro but I have a few tricks up my sleeve :))
  • Jen- glass containers
  • Jill- learn simple sewing skillz (I’ve saved plenty of clothing, purses, blankets, etc. by doing my own mending)
  • Jen- convenience food

Wrap Up:

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See ya next week!

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