🎄 3 Holiday DIY Projects

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🌸 The Heather Flower 🌸

Well, hello there!

Question for you: do the holidays challenge your simple, minimal, non-consumer, anti-hoarding ideologies and tendencies? Or is that just me?

I (Jill) usually like to keep my space free of clutter, but there’s something about this time of year that makes me want to purchase and put decor EVERYWHERE!

Personally, I am choosing to push back against this urge by not spending money on unnecessary items that will sit in storage most of the year.

If you resonate with this but STILL want some cozy and special holiday decor, then try these adorable DIY projects with me!

🎄 DIY Holiday Decor

For each of these projects, we encourage you to use what you have around the house (OR buy it secondhand)

📄 Wreath Made From Book Pages. This one’s perfect if you have old books you know you won’t read anymore (or magazines for some fun color!).

☃️ DIY Christmas Sweater Pillow. After your ugly Christmas sweater party, you can make this as a fun cozy couch addition.

🏵️ Orange Garland. This one smells great and looks so adorable on the tree, mantle, or railing! But if you prefer a cool light project, we also like this 💡 colorful ball string light idea, particularly good if you happen to have a lot of ping balls lying around.

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🌸 The Heather Flower 🌸

Photo by Shadi on Unsplash

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Until next time,

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