DFS: How Kelly Used Social Media to Stay Motivated & Pay Off $46K of Debt – EP 417

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Social media is vast and can distort intentions and messages, affecting our motivation. However, its communities are often overlooked for their incredible power to support and uplift each other. In this episode, Jen and Jill celebrate Kelly’s successful payoff journey of $46,000 in student loan debt with the help of social media.

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An Unexpected Debt Balance

Kelly’s journey into personal finance began when she found herself overwhelmed by her student loan debt. During her college years, she viewed student loans as a common part of being a student. After eight years of consistent payments right after she graduated, she assumed she was nearing the end of her debt-free journey.

However, upon logging in to her student loan account, she was shocked to discover that she had only reduced her debt by about $10,000, leaving her with a staggering balance of $46,514.91. She enjoys hiking, dining out, and vacationing, so her goal has been to integrate these passions into her life without adhering to advice from so-called “financial experts”.

Social Media and Accountability

Kelly began meticulously tracking her expenses and creating a financial plan. While paying off her debt, she posted this journey on her Instagram, committing herself to paying it off. This public accountability kept her motivated as her followers encouraged her, eventually paying off more than a thousand dollars extra each month.

Kelly became debt-free in April 2022 and was able to quit her waitressing job, comfortably living off her daytime job.
Start immediately by thoroughly understanding your financial situation, identifying where money is being spent, and making a solid plan to pay off debt. Tackling debt is often easier than anticipated once you take the initial step and commit to the process.

✨ Update on Kelly

Kelly had a baby and took out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to renovate their kitchen. She no longer viewed debt negatively and felt that a new kitchen was essential with the arrival of the baby, especially given the poor condition of the old one. Also, they have no other consumer debt and are simply enjoying life.

How do you use social media to stay motivated on your goals?

Jen stays motivated by following fitness and food accounts for meal planning and posting about her no-spend challenge for accountability. Similarly, Jill follows food and local accounts to find free events and activities nearby.

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