Water Bottle Showdown

Goooood morning! 

I (Kim) am a self-proclaimed lab geek. Over the last few years, I’ve worked in sterile environments à la lab coats, scrubs, and absolutely zero food or drink allowed on the floor.

Recently, I’ve graduated to a more office-like environment where I can have these things, and I am ready to find the perfect water bottle to up my hydration game.

Being a frugal girlie, I of course have to check ✔️ all the boxes to ensure I get an affordable, quality water bottle that will last for years.

🚰 How To Buy Just One Water Bottle & Love It

With so many size options, designs, and features on the market, let’s whittle it down to what’s necessary and worry about the bells and whistles after we’ve selected the perfect bottle. 

1. INSULATION: Will it keep our drinks at the desired temperature for a prolonged period of time? Will our ice melt in just a few hours? If this is top priority, we’re talking holds ice up to 48 hours and hot drinks up to 24 hours, check out this S’well water bottle.

2. DURABILITY: Do you spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking and biking? Or, like me, are you accident prone? The Yeti Rambler was the only water bottle to survive a durability test of being dropped onto concrete from 4-feet high and still be usable – without spilling. 

3. DRINKABILITY: Is it easy to drink from? Does it spill while you’re walking? Do you prefer a water bottle with a straw, or a chug lid? This Owala water bottle has a diverse lid that can function as a straw or a chug lid, and mitigates the difficulty of cleaning a narrow straw with a bottle brush as it’s dishwasher safe! 

4. PRICE: It’s easy to buy a water bottle for $8 at Walmart, but if we want one that lasts, it’s important to spend in the $25-$40 range for a quality product. At the lower end of our price range is the best all-around water bottle, the Hydroflask! With double-wall insulation, a handle for ease of carrying, and wide mouth for chugging, it’s my top pick for the pocketbook. 

And before all you Stanley fans come for me, if you’re looking for a cute bridal shower gift or an emotional support water bottle, check out the Stanley Free Sip. It has 20+ designs, a functional handle, and a leak-resistant lid to meet all your hydration 💧 needs.


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