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Did you put “avoid any impulse spending” on your New Year’s resolution? Get on board as this episode shares ways to overcome overspending and curate a safe and healthy social media timeline for you! Hear from Jen and Jill, joined by Paige Pritchard, as they unravel the tricky world of social media, de-influencing, and spending mindsets.

Realize that spending is a skill


  • Doing the least. When laziness is welcomed and ‘the most and more’ just doesn’t make sense. Do the least. Like when you have friends over and only give them water, and even then, they have to get it themselves. Or when you have to drive out for groceries but just eat the cereal in the fridge instead. Doing the least is really underrated. AND when it comes to our money who doesn’t want to do the least!

    Join us in our laziness as we gamify our money and partake in a very compelling challenge we’re calling ‘No Spend January’ (Friendletter)

Paige Pritchard is a spending coach who helps women stop impulse shopping and overspending. Paige discovered her passion for helping women develop healthier spending habits through her own personal struggles with impulse shopping when at age 22 she blew through her $60,000 salary after graduating from college. Paige’s work has been featured in publications like NBC News, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, and the Dr. Phil Show.

Not Like The Movies

Movies like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “Devil Wears Prada,” and “13 Going on 30” had Paige thinking, at 23, fresh out of college, that she has to have Jennifer Garner’s fancy and stylish corporate closet. With a $14,000 student debt, no savings, a job at a car dealership (offered to pay for most of her expenses in her work), and moving back to her hometown to stay with her parents, she didn’t have many bills to worry about, so she had impulsively shopped her way through a year of salary. At the end of the year, Paige realized she couldn’t even afford a security deposit to move out of her parents’ home. She had to extend for another month to be able to afford a security deposit—it truly became a wake call for Paige.

Social Media is Turning into a Giant Ad

For the last 6 to 9 months in 2023, Paige has noticed a wave in social media users wherein they’re starting to wake up to the actual influence social media has on their lives, especially on their bank accounts. A lot of women in her community say that their vice is social media and feel like every time they’re on Instagram, they’re buying something. A huge part of this comes from social media’s savviness and its seamless purchasing process. Social media is now turning into one giant ad—it’s everywhere! If you’re unconscious or unaware of it, it’s easy to get sucked into its consumption vortex.

Subtle Influencing Tactics

Influencing culture is starting to become more subtle as more and more people realize the outright advertising of products and services. Paige reminds everyone that just because an influencer says you need it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to have it. Make note of the polarizing language they use: “I’m obsessed with this,” “This is a must-have.” Calm your brain down and think about it multiple times before checking out.

Social Media For Inspiration Not Influence

You can make your social media an intentional space for you, but that does not mean it’s bad to buy things, especially if you think they will add value or solve a problem in some way in your life. Make sure you are following social media influencers or anyone that makes you feel good. Paige is an advocate for having as many people on your social media page that help your finances as draining them. Ask yourself, “What am I really after here (social media)? ”. The goal is not to completely cut yourself off from triggers but to evolve in order to be exposed to your triggers and behave in a different way than you did before.

Most unhinged social media ad

  • Paige: The scary ads that prey on your fear as a Mom. 
  • Jill: An animal sized bed (for dogs and cats) for humans 
  • Jen: Hollowed out wooden bat made into a beer stein

Bill of The Week

Thank you Paige for sharing your bill about enjoying to rent clothing!

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