What We Learned From No-Spend January – EP 382

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There’s no journey that has no successes, challenges, and most importantly, learning opportunities! Whether you’ve finished the no-spend challenge or you’re just planning to start, this episode takes you on a journey of celebrating new learnings Jen and Jill acquired through their no-spend January experience!

You can design your own no-spend challenge, as ultimately, it’s about reprogramming your habits and the way you seek to celebrate the process


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What did you want to get out of this NSC?

Jen sought to reset her habits around clothing, coffee, and takeout, particularly aiming to break free from impulsive Amazon purchases and shift towards buying higher-quality, sustainable clothing. Jill focused on settling into contentment and emphasized the importance of recognizing personal tendencies and finding sustainable practices beyond just the month of January. 

Remember to adapt the challenge to your own individual personalities and circumstances, recognizing that it’s not just about abstaining from spending but about reprogramming habits and embracing the process of change.

What was your biggest takeaway from no-spend January?

Jen’s biggest takeaway from No-Spend January was the realization that simplicity and ease are both important, especially during a period of significant life changes such as having a baby. She learned the importance of making routines and tasks easier for her future self, focusing on simplifying daily routines. 

On the other hand, Jill found reassurance that her existing methods for managing finances and daily tasks are effective. She observed that her meal planning, cooking at home, and reducing food waste strategies were already working well and only required slight adjustments during the challenge. 

What was the hardest experience?

Jen found the hardest experience of No-Spend January to be navigating the challenge amidst ongoing renovations and having a tenant move in. But also, this made her believe that if she could succeed in such difficult circumstances, then what more when circumstances are normal? For Jill, she struggled with what she perceived as unnecessary restrictions at times during the challenge. She emphasized that frugality shouldn’t be about simply spending as little as possible but rather about making intentional choices and finding a balance that aligns with your own personal values.

Did you learn anything unexpected?

Throughout Jen’s no-spend January, she spent reading “Dopamine Nation,” to which she learned about a study done by a psychiatrist that recommended her patients abstain from their addiction for 4 weeks because our brains are still desiring the same pleasure pathways that the “drug of choice” gives, even if it’s only done for 2 weeks or less. This affirmed Jen’s perspective on the no-spend challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to rewire habits and find pleasure in healthier or less costly activities.

While Jill reaffirms her love for spreadsheets throughout this no-spend January, The experience heightened her awareness of her overall financial landscape, prompting her to address significant tasks such as obtaining life insurance and restructuring her investments.

Any new discovery about yourself after No-Spend January?

Jen surprised herself with how she was able to consistently post every day for 30 days on social media. While Jill found herself embracing a more sustainable and DIY-oriented lifestyle, she was inspired to explore eco-friendly alternatives for various products and follow Instagram accounts promoting low-waste living.

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