🍹 Mixin’ Up Margarita Day Deals

Happy Monday, Friends!

No Monday blues over here this week—I, Misti, (one of the new writers, formally introduced below :)) am too busy planning my National Margarita Day (February 22) celebrations! 🍹

Whether you like your margs salty, sweet, spicy, or even as a mocktail, margaritas are always a fun way to mix up a midweek happy hour.

Grab a friend and check out some of these fun deals later this week! 🥂

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🌶️ Rita with the Best at Chili’s this year and take home a FREE souvenir cup!

🍹 Check out some of the new and limited time only margaritas at Bahama Breeze and enjoy a $2.22 Classic Margarita on Feb 22nd!

🍸 Chuy’s is hitting National Margarita Day hard with multiple deals! On February 22, upgrade a regular margarita to a grande size for just $2 and/or add a floater for $1. Whatever you choose, pair it with the Macho Nachos, which are $3 off all week from 3-6pm!

🍩 If you’re not feeling the margaritas this week, don’t forget Dunkin’ Rewards members can get a medium coffee for $2 every day this month!

⌛ Bygone Bill ⌛

Anyone else part of the Great Resignation? No? Just me?

With the record number of people leaving their jobs in the last few years, an estimated 1 in 5 U.S. workers forgot about their 401(k)s on their way out the door!

I don’t know about you, but my retirement funds are one category I don’t want to forget about!

That’s why we recommend taking advantage of Capitalize to find any ‘old’ 401(k)s you may have from previous employers and roll them over into an IRA of your choice—for FREE! **

I hope you have a magical week! 

Misti (Your newest Frugal Friend)

💌 P.S. from Jen and Jill. We’ve expanded our Frugal Friends team to include 2 amazing Friendletter writers (we heard from Kim last week) and THIS WEEK we will get to learn and laugh with Misti Jeffers. 🥳 

She’s a researcher, writer, and academic editor passionate about addressing inequities in educational pathways. Her favorite thing to spend on is checking out new restaurants with friends— and speaking of friends, she’s been a frugal friend (listening to the pod and getting this very newsletter) for about a year! She’s also a nomadic pet and house sitter, and you can follow along with her journey on Instagram @mistiontherun!

We know you’ll adore these powerhouse people, because WE adore them! Here’s to community and getting all the best frugal content our hearts could ever desire. 🥂

⭐️⭐️ P.P.S. Want to share all this goodness with your friends AND earn cool Frugal Friends merch?

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