Save Money With Salvage Stores – EP 420

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Everyone loves a good deal that also offers good quality. Therefore, it’s a good thing there are salvage stores to help us shop more with less guilt. In this episode, Jen and Jill discuss salvage stores, how to find and identify them, and tips for shopping for them.

It’s not a deal if it's just gonna be a bunch of deals that end up becoming clutter and none of it is exactly what you wanted—it’s not a deal if you don’t need it!


  • Collecting. It’s different from stockpiling and hoarding, cuz it’s intentional and cute. Collecting is carefully gathering items that are valuable and you have a fondness for, like money. It’s our favorite thing to collect and our favorite place to store it is in a high yield savings account, because you can still access that money, but you’re making money on that money. Check out CIT for their current 4.65% APY!

Discovering the Treasures of Salvage Stores

Jen and Jill introduce us to the world of salvage stores—the home of quality yet affordable items. These items are definitely not a ticking time bomb nor any less valuable than items sold in mainstream markets just because they have minor defects. In fact, these items can help you save big time! 

Additionally, Jill unveils the secret behind maintaining safety and quality standards for these items, all while providing great deals on everyday items.

A Guide to Big Savings and Quality Items

When shopping for groceries, architectural items, and overstock, Jen and Jill note the importance of knowing what an item is worth because not everything will be a steal. But having more than one outlet in your area can offer more options for good deals! Since these stores can be overwhelming, it is best to research, have a list, pay attention to details, and have the courage to ask for help when needed.

Do you go to salvage stores? What’s been your best buy so far?

Jen goes to salvage stores, mainly at Ollies, although she is more of a browser than a buyer. However, her best deal was a couch. Meanwhile, Jill has gotten her best deals, most specifically at Ross, and her best deal is a refrigerator worth $6K that she got for $1800.

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Thanks Renee for sharing about your medical bill of $112K!

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