Reducing Food Waste with Kids – EP 412

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What will you do when you have planned and prepared the best meal you could possibly make, but then your kids say no and leave the plate untouched? Now, throwing it away is the easiest answer, but food waste is a big money waste too. In this episode, Jen and Jill answer how we can reduce our food waste with kids in easy and manageable ways.

We have to fully value, not just the taste–not just what the food gives you but the entire life of the food to really want to reduce our food waste


  • No dessert! Threatening this is the cruelest and most effective way to get the kids to eat their dinner. And if that doesn’t work and your child still refuses to eat the delicious broccoli you made, then put the money you saved by not buying dessert into a high-yield savings account. That segway might be a stretch, but the point is, the money you have set aside for emergencies or short-term goals *could* be earning money. CIT is offering 4.65% APY. Go get it!

10 ways to get kids to waste less food

This article by IValueFood lists 10 ways for parents and guardians to get their kids to waste less food.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen is delighted about the idea of a family food waste challenge and teaching kids about food. Engaging in such challenges can raise awareness and spark conversations about food waste, helping everyone in the family to value food more fully by understanding its journey from farm to table. Jill mentions a study she found wherein it says that households with young children tend to waste more food than any other household, hence, it is important to manage portions and use creative strategies to foster a responsible attitude towards food in children.

Planning meals for a week suggests a practical approach to minimize waste, as it reduces the frequency of grocery trips and helps combat decision fatigue. Jen mentioned learning valuable insights from Ep 401 How To Keep Your Garden Alive With Nicole Johnsey Burke on gardening and food. Additionally, you may use the 6-week family food waste challenge available on the IValueFood website. Those willing to invest, there’s flexibility offered by meal planning methods and services like CookSmarts

What’s a food you hated as a kid but can't get enough of now as an adult?

Jen expressed a newfound love for spinach as an adult, a food she disliked as a child, while Jill’s taste has shifted to enjoying olives but still dislikes milk.

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