Grills: What to Look For When Buying

Happy Hump Day, folks! 

Are you surviving the heatwave? 🌞

I (Kim) feel like it went from perfect temps to 80 billion degrees in the span of one day!

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this heatwave is going to continue for the rest of the summer. 😲

Interested in keeping the heat outside?


I’ve spent the last five years in apartments without air conditioning, and my #1 trick to have great meals and keep your place cool is to use a grill!

But what grills are better to use? 🤔

What’s environmentally friendly?

And how do we stick to our budget? 

Read on to find out!

Propane Grills: What to Look For & What to Buy 👌

For our environmentally conscious friends, a propane grill is the way to go! Propane burns a clean flame and generates half as much carbon dioxide per hour as a charcoal grill. Propane grills are also easier to clean for those short on time.

  1. 🔥 Burners. The main component of a propane grill that generates heat for cooking. Monument Grill has an excellent option that includes six burners, a rotisserie, and an eight-year warranty for all burners. This grill is mid-range in price and consistently receives top marks for heating evenness, temperature control, & preheating.

  2. 𓊳 Side tables. These are the stainless steel wings on each side of the grill that provide space for your cooked meat, utensils, & sauces so that you don’t have to constantly run inside! The Nexgrill has a large side table & a side burner for all of your cooking needs!

  3. 🛡️ Flame Tamers. A big concern when grilling is flare-ups. When fat, grease, or sauce drips onto an open flame, this causes the fire to spark higher, which may lead to injury. Flame tamers are a barrier that separates the cooking surface from the fire to prevent an accident. The Weber Spirit II grill consistently performs well in safety & is the perfect grill for all our anxious girlies (like me) out there.

Charcoal Grills: What to Look For & What to Buy 🙌

While gas grills have many features that charcoal grills can’t compete with, there’s one area where charcoal grills are superior: taste. Charcoal has that smokey, BBQ flavor that makes summertime shine. ✨

Below, I list out the best charcoal grills to look for:

  1. 💨 Smoker. Many types of charcoal grills come with smoking boxes attached to them for ribs, brisket, and cheese! If you’re interested in grilling more than just hamburgers and hot dogs, this is the feature for you. The Nexgrill Oakford features a smoking box & has an outside temperature gauge. According to Consumer Reports, this charcoal grill also tested 100% on cleanliness! 

  2. 🪝 Utensil Hooks. Some grills feature a place to store grilling utensils. From tongs to wire brushes, it’s an excellent feature to look for to keep the house free of clutter! This grill sports large utensil hooks & foldable side tables. Set up? ✔️(It’s also at the lowest end of our price range! $$$)

Grill Alternatives 💡

Looking to char meat & vegetables, but don’t have space (in your yard or budget!) for a full size grill?

Here are some great options: 

  1. At 22 inches, the Blackstone griddle fits on your countertop & can make everything from breakfast to the perfect BBQ! It’s portable, runs on electricity, & sports a no-fuss clean up! Yes please. 

  2. A little secret of mine is that I’m a big fan of the dual panini press/griddle. They’re quick, fit in small spaces, and definitely within the budget! This grill with a viewing window & adjustable temperature knob is on my list to buy (especially because my last one didn’t survive the move!!). 

Grilling food is something that we can enjoy with the people we love the most.

However, there’s something that we need to take care of before we kick back and relax, and that’s to ensure that those we care for are protected.

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