Haaaaaappy Monday, Friends!

Last week’s Budget Tool Kit mentioned summer activities as something to plan for.

And that got me thinking….

…what free activities are there this year?!

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Growing up in small town Iowa, the one thing everyone looked forward to was the town carnival. 🎠

Live music! Parades! Fireworks! Super sketchy carnival rides(?!?)

These are fun, free activities that most towns partake in during the month of June.

Whether you like to eat your weight in funnel cake or listen to local bands, there’s always fun to be had at a carnival!

But don’t worry, fellow introverts!

I came up with a whole list of summer freebies to check out if carnivals aren’t your speed. 🤠

🎧 Audible is offering 3 FREE audiobooks & a 30-day FREE trial to newcomers. Listen to this summer’s hottest reads while laying out on the beach!

🗺️ Bored of the same old routine? Shake things up with a factory tour! Factory Tours USA offers a comprehensive list of factory tours by state. As it turns out, most of them are FREE & FUN educational events. Learn something new AND escape the summer heat? You don’t have to tell me twice.💯

🎣 Get those kiddos out of the house and out on the lake! Most states offer FREE fishing days during the month of June. Take Me Fishing breaks down free fishing dates state by state. Side note: I still use the little tacklebox I won at Lake McBride’s free fishing day when I was (maybe) 7 years old 🥹 Now that is a frugal win!

🦋 Missing the Pokemon Go craze? iNaturalist is a FREE app that identifies wildlife, fungi, & plants when you take a picture of something. You also earn badges with new observations, and the app itself does not collect user data, so it’s totally kid-safe!

📱Don’t forget to search your local Facebook groups or city website for FREE activities to attend. From library events to live music, there are plenty of opportunities to get out & have some fun without spending.

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🚫 No Time For That Bill 🚫

For most of us, summertime does not equate to relaxation.

Sure, there may be a vacation or two, but with the kids out of school & summer sales ramping up, it’s hard to make time for anything else.

For me, summer looks like endless across-state road trips on the weekends & long days during the workweek.

Thankfully, I have Cooksmarts to save me endless takeout fees.

Cooksmarts is a fully customizable meal planning service that provides a weekly grocery list to you.

Spend less time stressin’ in the kitchen & ditch food waste with their mouth-watering meal plans! 🤤 **


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