Paying Off Debt & Your Mental Health w/ Melanie Lockert – EP 194

Money and mental health are certainly in the top tier category of ‘what not to talk about at a party’, however we believe debt payoff and our mental wellbeing go hand in hand and we need to find places of safety to talk about these topics! Melanie joins us to share her own journey with mental health during her debt payoff and how this has looked for her even beyond debt freedom.


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Melanie Lockert is the founder and author of Dear Debt. Through her blog and book, she chronicled her journey out of $81,000 in student loan debt. She also co-founded Lola Retreat, a women + money event, and is the host of The Mental Health and Wealth Show podcast. Here’s what we got to ask her:


  • What were your mental health struggles as it pertain to your debt and when did you notice the correlation between the two? 
  • How did you start writing letters to your debt and what impact did it make on your payoff?
  • Being debt free now, how is your mental health? Are there still struggles, was getting rid of debt the magic bullet everyone said it’d be?
  • How has your mindset about money changed as a result of paying off debt? Has that improved mindset helped your mental health?

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Lightning Round 

A mental health struggle we’ve had around finances recently or in the past and how we overcame it (if it has been overcome).

Melanie- learning to charge more and ask for more. Accurately assessing worth/value of skillset. Guilt and negative self-talk related to feeling ‘greedy’. 

Jen-  finding self-worth in accomplishment. Fear of not accomplishing. Chose a temporary pay cut to engage in more of the things I enjoy.

Jill-  A version of hopelessness (downcast) about the pit I felt I was in with the combo of debt AND low income. Overcoming did have a lot to do with circumstances changing, but getting through it, maintaining hope and determination had a lot to do with my faith which is an anchor for me, support from my husband and close friends, and implementing my creativity and calling upon my skill set to find solutions

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