The Importance of Accountability & Finding Your People – EP 193

We talk about goal setting, resolutions, strategizing, and more; but none of that will get us too far without a supportive community! We’re looking at a finance adjacent topic regarding accountability and how these intentional relationships can help us stick to and achieve our goals!


  • The Financial Freedom Mentorship! Club BFF has rebranded to the Financial Freedom Mentorship. It’s a mentorship program where we will be with you on your journey from wherever you are starting to your first six-figures of net worth. In this group you will get multiple Q&A’s and trainings with us and guest experts every month as well as a space to create accountability groups where you can support each other while doing fun challenges. If you feel like you need support in this extremely foundational part of your financial journey then check out the mentorship at right now to learn more because doors close January 2nd.
  • Making friends in your thirties. Making friends in your twenties is much easier than your thirties and if you don’t believe that then you’re still in your twenties. It’s hard when your college friends have moved away or have too many kids and your coworkers or fellow moms aren’t on the same path as you. There comes a point in your life where you have to stop trying to be cool and start asking the hard questions like “will you be my close friend?” Making friends in your thirties, acquaintances are everywhere but you need real friends.


This article from Medium provides compelling research regarding the influence the friends of our friends have on us, our choices, and our behaviors.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

More Headlines:

This article from lists 5 tips for making our accountability groups and partnerships really work for us.

More from Jen + Jill:

  • Types of Accountability:
    • Partnerships – helpful when you have specific goal in mind and know how to reach it
    • Coaches – can provide increased consistency along with resources
    • Groups – great for people in a similar stage or community with aligned goals
  • Tips for Accountability:
    • 1. Know what you need
    • 2. Make it a priority
    • 3. Use a custom tracking system
    • 4. Prioritize your goal setting activities
    • 5. Choose your partner or group wisely
  • Pitfalls of Accountability:
    • de-prioritizing it – life can happen and interrupt momentum, but be honest about this with your group or partner – otherwise it can lead to resentment
    • bringing judgement + lack of empathy

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Lightning Round 

How accountability has helped us personally

  • Jill-  make more intentional decisions (financially, relationally, etc.) – knowing people will check in with me about it
  • Jen-  This show has been the best form of accountability!

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