Paying off $78,000 of Debt | Jen’s Debt Payoff Story – EP 216

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What does it take to pay off a huge debt? How does one stay motivated in paying them? Jen candidly shared her journey of paying off her $78,000 debt in just two years, attached to the harsh realities of rising from it and staying motivated. Paying huge debt may feel unobtainable in just a short amount of time, but with this episode, Jen’s story will surely change how you should view your debt.

Expand your thinking of what's possible.


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How Jen ended up in debt

The other extra debt prevented Jen from paying off her student loans with higher interest. If you’re in debt in one place, it snowballs to debt in other places and compounds on itself that makes it harder to pay off the first debt. 

The exact moment Jen realized how much debt she had and that she needed to do something about it

Jen’s husband, Travis, tried to get her deeper YES on what it is that makes other things easier to say NO to because the YES is deeper. Also, the realization that you don’t have to put your life on pause to pay off debt. 

Staying motivated to pay everything off

Having accountability and changing the community that surrounds you creates a huge impact. When Jen stopped dwelling on what the journey was taking from her and started focusing on how she can give back, everything changed. You needed a deeper why and purpose to find motivation and stay in this mindset.

Life after getting out of debt

Jen could now go on vacations, have bought a house and not heavily worry about emergency expenses such as a medical bill–things she would have never known were possible. More is possible and you don’t have to be incredibly rich to achieve it; anything is possible.

Anything we would be willing to take on debt to have/buy

Jen will take on debt for an asset. In fact, she just bought a second property for additional income! Jill sees the worth in considering taking a loan for renovations as she doesn’t want to prolong her savings/investing plans.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Becca from AK for sharing your bill about your rock eating dog Rufus; so sorry for the large bill, but celebrating with you that you had the money to pay for it!

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