Minimalist Living in an RV to Pay Off $56,000 of Debt | Jill’s Debt Free Journey– EP 217

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Living in an RV may seem like a dream for travelers and minimalists but it’s not always as easy and fancy as it seems. In this episode, Jill breaks down her minimalist RV lifestyle and non-traditional methods such as house sitting, renovating an RV and trailer to sell, and more, together with her supportive husband Eric in order to pay their debt. 

The more you put yourself in non-traditional situations, the more non-traditional opportunities for you to take advantage.


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How Jill ended up in debt

Jill’s dreams come with a cost, resulting in outstanding student and private loans. However, she acknowledged and collected debt as she saw it as a necessity for her journey of growth and freedom. Despite having a low-paying job, she thought of creative ways to be frugal. 

The non-traditional methods Jill used to pay it off

Together with her supportive husband, they did non-traditional methods such as house sitting, renovating an RV and trailer to sell and more. Jen saw this an opportunity to take advantage of and work her way through paying off their debt. 

Tiny living to saving money

Contrary to some who may think that the RV lifestyle is expensive, the cost of time and repairs and problem solving are more necessary than finances. However, paying attention to what you already have and making the most out of it, it will save you enough for this kind of lifestyle. 

Doing it all over again

​Jill wishes she could have known the freedom available to her and left earlier from her first internship job right after graduating. Realizing there are ways she can care for others without stepping on herself. Rather than feeling regret, every experience has landed itself to the next and helped gain an incredible skill set and variety of experiences in her life. 

One habit or practice we did not take after paying off debt

For Jill, it’s being laser-focused on her spending and being tenacious with side-hustles. For Jen, it’s budgeting. 

Bill of The Week

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