Paying Off $33k of Debt by Living on Half of Your Income w/ Elle Martinez – Ep 179

We all love a good debt payoff story and this one combines debt pay-down with some tangible tips that dual income (and some single income!) households can implement. Listen in as Elle shares with us some strategies for debt freedom and even increased savings!


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Elle Martinez is a couples money expert, she hosted the show Couple Money for many years and now hosts the Simplify & Enjoy Podcast which is what we are all about, we just talked about simple living last week. She’s also a long-time friend and great human being so we are excited to share her greatness with you.

  • Tell our listeners about your debt, what was it, how much, and what was the catalyst for you deciding to pay it off?
  • What made the most significant impact for you when it came to paying off the debt? For someone listening who doesn’t have a second income, how can they use this strategy?
  • What did you do to make that transition? What was most helpful?
  • If you could go back and change anything about your debt payoff journey, would you? Why? And if so, how can others do it differently?

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thank you Elle for sharing about your electric bill and choosing to replace windows and seeing a significant drop in what you owe!

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Lightning Round 

 Income solutions for transitioning to one income

  • Elle- side hustle that you enjoy, consider ways to engage in your community, seasonal work
  • Jill- cut BIG expenses, housing (we house-sat, lived in a tiny home, and cared for and lived with my grandmother for a time)
  • Jen- AirBnB, t-shirt business, flipped an RV

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