🙅‍♀️ No-Spend January: Next Steps to Avoid Rebounding

Happy end of January! 🥂

We not only made it through the first month of 2024, but also an entire month-long no spend challenge!

We KNOW this did not go perfectly, BUT…

So let’s lean into what went well, and learn from what didn’t.

It’s vital to wrap up a NSC with reflection and identification of next steps. 

So here’s some ✨helpful prompts✨ to solidify the significance of what you just did and lay the foundation for the rest of 2024.

1. Reflect on what was hard. What was the most difficult part of the challenge? What made it so difficult?

(BONUS: how might that inform you about your values?)

2. Look at your 90-day transaction inventory again to see what was easy to give up. Can you commit to saying no to it going forward?

3. Pick just one thing to focus on for the next 30-90 days. Make sure it’s a spending category/item that can make a real difference in your money and/or assists you in prioritizing your values.

4. Continue to refine your spending plan and find ways to save on your fixed expenses/bills. For instance, shopping for new insurance policies or negotiating this cost annually can make a big difference in our monthly spending.

We like to use PolicyGenius, whenever we need new quotes on car, home, life, or disability insurance. They are an insurance comparison marketplace and is super convenient to see who has the best quote for the coverage you need. **

Until next time,

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