How to Stick With Your Big Financial Goals – EP 376

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Welcome to another insightful discussion! How’s the progress on your New Year’s financial resolutions? If you’re still riding the wave of excitement and commitment to your goals, you’re in for a treat. In this episode, Jen and Jill share valuable strategies that go beyond mere financial tips. They explore the power of mindset shifts, providing practical advice to help you not only set but successfully stick to your financial goals throughout the year.

All of this is easier to do when you’re focused more on the process instead of the end goal.


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Fall in love with the process

Many people ask Jen and Jill how they stick with frugality, but they stress that being frugal is not an end in itself but a means to reaching financial goals faster and achieving a sense of contentment. Frugality, for them, is about recognizing where their “enough” is and enjoying the journey rather than just focusing on the destination.

Jill advocates for a deeper mindset that involves embracing the journey and finding joy in learning more about oneself. Focus on the “why” behind your financial goals. When Jen was paying off her debt, it was not the ultimate goal; it was a step toward her larger goal of fostering. Give emphasis on the importance of internal motivation, flexibility, and the willingness to pivot in order to stay focused on the process rather than just the end goal.

Embrace the ebbs and flows of life

Jill advises against seeing setbacks as failures or signs to quit, urging people to stop internalizing events that don’t go as planned. Instead, embrace life’s fluctuations and learn from them to get back into the flow. Jen suggests two actions: learning from the ebbs and celebrating the flows. It is highly important to see the goal as the culmination of a celebratory process, rather than the goal itself being the cause of celebration.

Fully embrace these frustrations, uncover hidden potential, and achieve not only financial goals but also personal growth. Try seeing a realistic view of life’s trajectory, embracing its ups and downs, and learning from challenges to foster personal growth and achieve long-term goals.

Be informed and know when outside forces have ulterior motives

Jill acknowledges that the financial journey is inherently imperfect. There will be external forces, such as marketing and advertising. Being informed makes one critical about their spending habits, emphasizing the importance of leaning on things they value and learning to love and embrace the financial process.

Jen mentions the ever-changing landscape of marketing tactics and that they’re no longer using the same strategies from 5–10 years ago. For instance, AI-powered chatbots engage in real-time conversations, with brands focusing on creating impact and emotional connections.

What’s your current “big” financial goal?

2024 is already chaotic, but Jen is already a year and a half into their home renovation, and they’re finally close to finishing it this year! For Jill, she realized she’s in an ebb right now, but because of you, our frugal friend community, she doesn’t feel like it’s a deprivation. She wants to continue embracing this season and enjoying its freedom and flexibility.

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