My Favorite Money Murder: Scams – EP 350

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A sudden, huge deduction from your bank account is spookier and more terrifying than a ghost jumping out to scare you. In this Halloween special, we’re reading you real horror stories that happen more commonly than we think! It’s money scam stories from real people that will hopefully help you identify scams so you won’t fall for them. 

When your mind is not cluttered by a million things, you do not so quickly react to them.


  • Collections. Sometimes cute, almost always odd, and occasionally spooky. From stamps and coins to precious moments figurines all the way to jars of hair and nail clippings; these accumulations of similar items in 1 place can tell us a lot about people and tell ya what – I would take any of those groupings over incessant collections calls. Speaking of prime-time collections, we’ve got a specially curated email collection for you, sent to your inbox 3 times weekly and full of what’s free that week, tips to save and spend better, and money mindset hacks and journaling prompts! This collection is FREE and it can be all yours at

Gen Z falls for online scams more than their boomer grandparents do

This article from Vox reminds us that anyone can fall victim to a scam regardless of age and knowledge of digital devices, the internet, and social media. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

There are plenty of scams you may have heard of today because they are prevalent and can happen to anyone. The first two stories are from a Reddit post by a previous bank teller who shared a couple of scam stories throughout her experience. While car wrapping is a legitimate way to make money, Jill reminds that overpayment is a huge red flag and most likely a scam. Scammers posing as entities with power and authority will immediately send anyone to some degree of hypervigilance.

Jen is not new to looking for online jobs, and she reassures you that there are legitimate and reputable online part-time jobs around. Hopefully, no one won’t fall for jobs like this one where they asked them to pay. Also, we need to be careful when looking through emails from our subscriptions because we wouldn’t want to click on an email that has malware and hack its way through your entire device. Scarily enough, AI has become a tool for scammers to deceive people through available information from any individual’s social media account, even through calls and voice recordings.

How to avoid being scammed

This article listed 10 steps to avoid scams; it also provided additional resources for you to protect you and your family from falling victim to a scam.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Never EVER send money via gift card or wire transfer you haven’t met. Press pause, then ask yourself questions, says Jill. Avoid clicking suspicious links or downloading attachments in unsolicited emails. But Jen acknowledges that it is one of the easiest scams to fall for because we don’t fully read our emails, and if it’s something we are already subscribed to, we immediately want to take action on it. With this, go in via the front door (the actual website); do not go into the side door. If it’s something you don’t subscribe to, go immediately to the front door and see if it’s something you’ve been charged before. Ultimately, be cautious about what you share on social media or the internet in general.

Control your digital footprint

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Your weirdest/most insane/creepiest story involving money

Jen discovers she has two Spotify accounts under one email address; however, she gets charged for it despite not having any credit card information on file with either of the Spotify accounts she has.

Jill was enticed by a job ad, but then she found herself sitting for 2 hours listening to a man do a pep talk instead of a regular job interview.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Katherine for sharing your spooky bill for a delivery (box of tissues for $14) despite having no purchase on the Walmart account!

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