How to Simplify Your Life to Save More Money – EP 409

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Ever feel like your possessions have possessed your life? If it’s badly affecting your finances, it might be time to say ‘enough.’ In this episode, Jen and Jill define what and when is enough for our finances through simplification, which will greatly encourage our mindset and overall finances.

Defining YOUR enough is important. Not what you think should be enough or what is enough for somebody else.


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Why Simplify?

Jill explains that simplification is not about minimalism but about creating a functional and intentional lifestyle that suits you. Simplifying can help address common issues like feeling overwhelmed, time constraints, financial stress, and the mental burden of having too many possessions. Rather than constantly trying to clean and organize, reducing the number of decisions one needs to make by establishing routines, habits, and automations. 

While Jen was doing her research for the book they are writing, she found out how our brains are naturally drawn to complexity, often leading us to add more to our lives rather than subtracting. The importance of being intentional in simplifying life, using the 80/20 rule as a guide–focusing on a few vital aspects, one can simplify and improve many other areas, clearing or systemizing parts of life to address the majority of stress and clutter.

7 Ways To Save Money By Simplifying Your Life

This article lists 7 strategies for saving money by simplifying various aspects of your life, such as redefining what “enough” means and making lifestyle shifts.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Defining what “enough” means is the main highlight for Jill, which she believes shifts with life changes. Jen adds that defining “enough” should be a personal journey and suggests experimenting with spending habits to identify true necessities. Her experience of reclaiming time by cutting down on streaming services and warns against replacing this time with other tech distractions. Avoiding fashion and furniture trends can reduce decision fatigue. Downsizing possessions can increase one’s sense of freedom.

What aspect of your daily routine seems unnecessarily complicated?

Jill points to chores for she finds herself cleaning incessantly, constantly responding to immediate messes. Jen, on the other hand, finds feeding her family to be particularly challenging.

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