Apps to Help You Save Money on Groceries

Happy Wednesday, Friends! 

Have you ever gone grocery shopping and felt that all consuming “I need to get out of Walmart right now” feeling, because you:

  1. Entered aisle 2 & it’s definitely a black hole

  2. You’re 85% sure someone walked their pony into the beauty section

For me, it’s usually because I put too many containers of spring mix in the cart & suddenly I’m staring at a $207 bill I didn’t plan for.

So, how do we save money on the priciest groceries? 

Meat, organic produce, and dairy bring the cost up $$$ when we hit the checkout line, but we did some digging and found two great ways to save (and help the environment!) when shopping.


Flashfood is a genius app that believes in connecting the grocer & the customer to find foods that are close to their best-by dates at a lower rate.

This reduces cost for the customer, time spent shopping, and saves food from landfills.

Flashfood also has many locations that accept EBT & SNAP programs.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a company that aspires to eliminate food waste by connecting cafés, grocery stores, and shops to the customer.

You can purchase “surprise bags” of food at a steep discount. The bag includes items that are still good but didn’t sell that day.

Check out their impact report which details the amount of food that’s been rescued.

💡 Next Steps

Now that we’ve downloaded the apps & are well on our way to saving, we need to make a plan for our money!

Put the extra into a high-yield savings account (HYSA) over at CIT to boost those sinking funds.

CIT offers a 4.65% APY that brick-and-mortar banks can’t match. Plus they have no monthly service fees.

Watch your savings grow just in time to reach those summer goals! **

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