How Budget Girl Sarah Wilson Paid Off $38K on a Low Income – EP 155

Paying down debt when living on a low income IS possible! We are thrilled to have Sarah Wilson on the podcast to share her story and inspire us towards debt freedom at any level of income.


  • Frugal Friends Florida Meetup! This year we’re doing two (fingers crossed) in-person meet ups. Mark your calendar for the first one: April 17th in St. Petersburg, FL. More details to follow but if you’re itching to visit sunny St. Pete and hang out with other Frugal Friends this is your opportunity. We’ll hopefully be doing another in Austin, TX in September but we’ve learned to stop planning ahead so definitely try to make it to this one if you’re in the area. Visit to let us know you’re coming
  • YouTube videos: When you need to know what to do but reading just won’t cut it, YouTube videos are there to show you how it’s done. YouTube videos are also salvation when trying to distract a toddler. One word. Blippi. YouTube videos, sometimes you can even listen to podcasts on there.

Listen in as we share episode 74 – it was a great one!


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