DFS: How Megan Paid Off $20K of Debt in 6 Months – EP 413

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We don’t often give much credit to our teachers that they get paid less than what they deserve. Many of them are struggling to pay off ballooning debts and are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. In this episode, Jen and Jill are joined by Megan to share her debt free journey including creative strategies to save money and mindset shifts as a teacher.

When you have a singular focus goal, it wakes you up to things you could be doing and knew but never had the motivation to do it.


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Finding Community in Debt Freedom

Megan, a 3rd-grade teacher from South Florida, has been teaching for 18 years. Following a divorce in 2018 and realizing she was living paycheck to paycheck despite her teaching tenure, she was inspired by a friend to pay off her debt in 2019, achieving it in just six months.

With the importance of community support and her teaching skills, she used them to gamify her debt payoff process. By tracking expenses and cutting costs, such as doing her own nails and saving on food, Megan stayed motivated with small extra payments.

Financial Flexibility and Future Goals

Megan had around $19,000 in debt, including her car loan and student loans, which she had been paying off for 18 years. There is freedom and reduced stress that comes with being debt-free, as it allows for more financial flexibility. Megan’s debt-free journey focused on cutting expenses and becoming aware of her spending habits. Looking ahead, Megan was set to achieve new financial goals, such as paying off her mortgage and saving for home improvements, to maintain her momentum.

✨ Update on Megan

Due to a shift in values regarding spending after her debt payoff, Megan was able to save for the right emergency fund for her and bravely leave her teaching career. Remaining debt-free, this decision and the effort she put in to achieve it allowed her the freedom to change careers and improve her happiness.

The most creative thing you’ve done to lower your expenses

Jen’s husband, Travis, invested six hours on the phone with T-Mobile to get two free iPhones and lower their bill—a time-worthy effort for substantial savings. Meanwhile, Jill’s unconventional method of living in an RV and house sitting have made the most significant impact on reducing her expenses.

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