💸 How to Gamify your Finances in 2024

Happy Friday!

With all the parties going on and invites for NYE flyin’ around, we want in on the fun!

We’ve got a special invitation for you to join us on January 1st through 30th for a live no-spend challenge!

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A no-spend challenge is a great way to reset your spending habits and plan your intentions for pursuing your next financial goal! 😉 

BUT it’s gotta be fun.

Because if it’s not fun, it’s not Frugal Friends.

This time around, Jen and I (Jill) are going to do no-spend January WITH YOU!

Throughout the whole month of January, every Friendletter will focus on tips, encouragement, and commiseration to get through your no-spend January and get the most out of.

AND if you want mor encouragement on your social media scroll, Jen will be posting daily videos of her no-spend journey. 

Follow @frugalfriendspodcast (on IG) and @modernfrugality (on IG and TikTok.)

You can start prepping now with these tips

📝 Define what you will and won’t spend on for the month of January (for many this means cutting out discretionary spending like clothes, eating out, entertainment, etc.)

🧾 Identify any unusual expenses that may happen in the month and plan for how that fits into this challenge (i.e. will you be traveling? Do you have a 1-time bill upcoming?)

🏠 If you live with others start talking with them about this very fun challenge you’re about to do and see if they will participate with you!

🆓 Start identifying free fun things you can do in your community

🎧 Listen to this episode on How to Prepare for a No-Spend Challenge (EP 190)

Ep 364 How to Build Relationships in Your 30s (& How They Impact Your Money) is all about the ebbs and flows of finding and maintaining community throughout our lives.

We chat about how to identify the types of relationships you’re lacking in life, how to find them, and the ways our friendships can benefit our money decisions.

In Friday’s episode, we got to talk with Vivian Tu about Rich Friend Secrets with Your Rich BFF. Vivian helps us reframe wealth building and gives us expert tips on how any parents can set their kids up for future financial success.

Tune in wherever you get podcasts and let us know what you thought of the episode over on our latest Instagram post!

 Listen: To an audiobook! In preparation for our no-spend challenge we encourage you to download your library’s app of choice (usually hoopla or libby) and start your free book rental journey!

 Do: Close out this year by checking off some important items from your to-do list, like getting term life insurance.

If you’ve not done this yet, we recommend Ladder for their ease of sign-up AND affordability. They also offer flexibility since you can change your coverage as your needs change.

 Meal Plan: We’re going easy with a sheet-pan lemon chicken dinner! Then throw any leftovers over rice or salad the next day!

Catch ya later,

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