🥓 Bacon Deals to Round Out 2023

Hi Friends! 

We hope you’re having a fantastic day, and actually a little hoping you’re not checking your emails today. 🙅🏻‍♀️✉️

But hey, if this is the distraction you need, we’re here for you!

While pretty much everywhere is closed today, there are some upcoming deals for National Bacon Day 🥓 (Dec 30th) that you can take advantage of later this week.

🆓 FREE Bacon 🥓, Egg 🍳, and Cheese Sandwich 🧀 for new rewards members at Hardee’s with minimum $1 purchase.

🍔 FREE Junior Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase for Wendy’s reward members!

🌯 Bacon Breakfast Burrito for under $2 at Sonic – this can be found on their ‘everyday deals’ section of the menu.

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💸😢 Obligatory bills, you don’t want to pay, but you have to 💸😢

Do you know the kind I’m talking about? The type of bills that you don’t typically see the outcome or fruit of, but you don’t have the option NOT to pay them? Usually, this includes our insurance bills for cars, houses, etc. 

If the new year has you wanting to find a better rate on these bills we encourage you to check out Policygenius.

They are an insurance marketplace that helps you shop, compare, and bundle your insurances to ensure you get the best rate! **

Until next time,

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