Frugal Zero-Waste Living – EP 398

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We often forget that good stewardship of our resources is a foundational part of a frugal lifestyle. While it is simply unrealistic to have total zero waste in our everyday lives, frugal zero waste living teaches us beyond wasting less and also fostering intentional consumption and choices. In this re-run episode, Jen and Jill talk about the 5Rs of waste management and zero-waste living, aiding our self-sufficiency and problem-solving skills.

Some things are created to not be able to be fixed— they're just created cheaply.


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The 5 R’s of Waste Management and Zero Waste Living

While you might be a world away from squeezing all your waste into one single mason jar, you can still have the goal of leading as sustainable a life as is possible for you by adopting the 5 R’s of zero waste living. Here’s how you can do it, according to Unsustainable Magazine.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen and Jill talk about the 5 R’s. First, Refuse. Say no to what you don’t need. Second, Reduce. Letting go of things that are no longer of use and donating or selling. It also means only focusing on necessary purchases. Third, Reuse that is switching disposable items for reusable and permanent alternatives. Next is Recycle. We’ve been made to believe that recycling is the go-to solution for waste reduction. In fact, it’s number four in the list behind refuse, reduce, and reuse.
Lastly, Rot. Compost your own household waste or take part in a composting program for organic waste.

7 Easy Frugal Tips That Are Sustainable & Reduce Waste

There are some easy frugal tips that can save you money and are sustainable tips as well. This article from Rainbow Vegans Rock listed 7 sustainable tips for living frugally.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen discusses four tips: bulk buying, food shopping that avoids food waste, and engaging in free activities. Jill talks about buying secondhand items, mending things, mindful purchases, and reusing containers.

Our compromise items (not zero waste but still eco-friendly)

Specific hair care products for Jen and toilet paper for Jill (she can’t give that up!)

Bill of the Week

Thank you Amy for sharing about your Dad, Bill, who is minimalist, content, and FRUGAL!

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