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If you just bought your new mattress last year and discovered the harmful chemicals of having a spring mattress, this is us telling you that you do not immediately need to buy and swap your new mattress for a low-toxin one. In this episode, Jen and Jill, together with Alexx, discuss the benefits of reducing toxins in your everyday life and how it intersects with living a frugal life.

You have to start where YOU want to start and where you feel naturally like you want to prioritize, rather than playing by someone’s rules.


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Alexx Stuart is an educator, activist and change agent who runs online courses and hosts a podcast for those wanting to reduce their toxic load in everyday life. She’s at the forefront of a movement that’s non-judgmental, gentle on the body and skin, and tough on the companies selling produces masquerading as food or safe cleaning products. A columnist for Wellbeing magazine, she is also a sought-after speaker and consultant to businesses committing to change for good.

Uncovering A Lifelong Journey to a Low Tox Life

Alexx defines low-tox as a journey she embarked on after struggling with antibiotic resistance, leading her to explore naturopathy and embrace herbal remedies, vitamins, and zinc to fortify her body’s natural healing abilities. This has led her to learn how to cook creatively and advocate for healthier choices. The term “low tox” she coined embodies her values of progress over perfection and flexibility, aiming to create a community where individuals can define what low tox means for themselves without conforming to a specific lifestyle. The complete avoidance of toxins is unrealistic; hence, incremental steps towards a healthier lifestyle are more doable.

It’s A Lifetime Commitment

In 2007, Alexx had to go gluten-free, so she gave time to research and gradually incorporated a new habit from the study she had made. Taking small steps and not feeling pressured to make all changes at once as she reveals a mistake she still regrettably remembers, she has named her program “30 Days to Your Low Tox Life.” Alexx realized that such a claim of rapid change is unrealistic. You must focus on what excites you rather than feeling obligated to adhere to someone else’s timeline. Start with areas of personal interest and need, then from there curate a low-toxin lifestyle for you.

The Multifaceted Low Tox Lifestyle

The financial benefits of embracing a low-tox lifestyle are multifaceted. Some organic and gluten-free products may initially come at a higher cost; transitioning from processed foods to fresh produce and investing in meals can lead to savings in the long run. Additionally, by reassessing purchasing habits and letting go of unnecessary items, such as expensive scented candles, individuals can redirect their funds towards things they truly value. 

Alexx has witnessed instances where fertility challenges have improved and health issues like asthma or migraines have lessened, potentially resulting in significant savings on medical expenses. Saving money may be your initial motivation, but the unexpected health benefits often become apparent, making the financial investment even more worthwhile. Start with what excites you and allow room for creativity in the journey towards a low-tox lifestyle.

Your simple (and low cost) strategy for making sure your home is low-toxin

Alexx: Replacing your washing liquids, even gel soap, with bar soap
Jen: Body Fragrances
Jill: Not buying candles or fragrances, DIYing my cleaners, and buying more local produce (where I can know the practices of the farms).

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