When NOT to be Frugal | Prioritizing Value Over Cheapness – EP 57


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Notable Notes

What the Internet has to say:

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • We like the reasoning for the times when it’s worth spending more: (1) because it might cost you more in the long run to go with the less expensive option or (2) because it will make a tremendous difference in your life!
  • Items not worth ‘going cheap’:
  • Beds – and we agree! HOWEVER you can still find good secondhand options
  • Shoes – YES – sometimes that good, comfortable, long-lasting, versatile shoe is worth the money!
  • A few nice outfits – again, we agree – when mixing and matching from the thrift store is not working – spend a little extra on some nice clothes!
  • Last minute meals – it’s ok to spend some extra money when time is short! We also recommend meal planning – get a good jump start with our affiliate: Cook Smarts and use code: frugal for 25% off
  • Food delivery – we say ‘maybe’ – this all depends on lifestyle and whether this is a good option for you!
  • Housekeeping – but we would add, hiring any service that you could technically do yourself. If life circumstances afford for this to be in the budget – it can be economically responsible (Check out Episode 1: Frugality 101 – talked about giving jobs to others)

More from the Internet:

  • This article from Wallet Hacks explores 4 common ‘frugal tips’ that actually are not worth it – and can end up costing you more!

More from Jen + Jill:

  • We like the what this article had to say about frugality being about mindfulness and making wise decisions with your money rather than just doing everything the cheapest way possible!
  • Frugal Tips to Ignore:
  1. DIY repairs – as the article points out ‘there’s a fine line between money-saving and downright dangerous’ – and may cost more in the long-run if not fixed properly
  2. Extreme Couponing – we covered this one in our previous episode Couponing for Extra Normal People
  3. Getting the cheapest (or no) insurance – compare rates instead, negotiate, etc. but have insurance!
  4. Adhering to a Rice and Beans diet – it’s important to get proper nutrition, so we also recommend not setting up camp here if it’s not necessary!

Bottom line – we’re walking a tight rope – be careful of falling into ‘cheap’ territory

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Lightning Round

Special ‘thank you’ to our frugal friends facebook community for your personal tips on when not to be frugal!

Frugal Friends Book Club:

It’s May and we’re reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist for our book club!

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