Frugal Pregnancy & Parenting with THE Mrs. Frugalwoods | Saving Money on Baby The Smart Way – EP 44

We love to have guests on the show and today is no exception! We have THE Mrs. Frugalwoods (A.K.A. Elizabeth Thames), author and blogger on everything frugal+sustainable. AND since Jen is currently pregnant, we seized the opportunity to ask Mrs. Frugalwoods about pregnancy and parenting the frugal way. Let’s just say she did not disappoint! Check it out!


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All Natural: We don’t know what it means in when it’s listed on the side of cereal boxes, but in most cases – all natural sounds like a good thing! Thinking about dying your hair? Don’t! Go all natural! Thinking about shaving your legs/armpits? Don’t! Go all natural! Thinking about getting an epidural? Don’t! Go all natural! Going All Natural – the scary, frugal thing to do.

Notable Notes:
We covered so many topics with Mrs. Frugalwoods – here’s some of the questions we asked her, and helpful links!

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thank you Liz (Mrs. F) for sharing your bill of week! Jill LOVES duck bills too 🙂

Lightning Round:
We got to ask more questions of Mrs. F!

  • What is baby freebie or deal you’re most proud of?
    Getting bigger items for free, i.e. crib!
  • What are your top book recommendations for new moms?

Heading home with your newborn

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

Simplicity Parenting

Frugal Friends Book Club

It’s February and we’re reading Meet The Frugalwoods by Elizabeth Willard Thames

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