Negotiating Tips for Lowering Bills, Prices, & Rates – EP 45

Negotiating; some people love it – others hate it. Either way, it can be a great frugal skill for lowering bills, scoring deals, getting out of late fees, OR just enjoying some Saturday morning yard sales! You don’t have to be mean to do this well! listen in for some tips regarding what to haggle on, and how to do it!


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Notable Notes:

– What the Internet has to say:

This article from provides a list of 12 things you should always negotiate on. From big to small items – we think this one is worth reviewing.

– What Jen and Jill have to say:

  • Cars: dealerships EXPECT you to haggle, and buying used cars privately can ALWAYS be negotiated
  • Homes – obviously negotiate on this one
  • Mortgage rate: If you have good credit or can offer a big down payment this is major leverage
  • Rent – negotiate (AND barter!!)
  • Medical bills – this is not always set in stone!
  • Credit card costs: You may be able to get out of the annual or seek forgiveness on a missed payment
  • Home and yard work: Get multiple quotes and compare (although recognize that if one if MUCH lower than the rest this is a red flag!)
  • Cable bill: it can’t hurt to haggle a little here!
  • Furniture prices: Paying cash, bundling, etc. can all get you good deals!
  • Insurance rates
  • Collections accounts
  • Used stuff: Another obvious one
  • More from the Internet:

This article from riskology gives 5 steps for negotiating lower prices or rates, specifically on bills.

  • From Jen and Jill:
  • Speak friendly and assertively
  • Ask for more than you want, then back down. This shows them you’re willing to give in a little, and creates a climate where they might too!
  • Only negotiate with someone who CAN – lol
  • Always have a back up plan- if you can’t get a lower price, try for better service at the same price point
  • Know when to stop – part of this is knowing what you’re asking for going in, to avoid confusion


Lightning Round

  • From the community

-Heather says to do industry research to back up your ask & pay for as much upfront

-Chris says call the frugal friends to do it for you. We do not endorse that method

-John recommends the book Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

-Jocelyn says cash monies 🙂

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