The Tenacity & Frugality it Takes to Pay off Your Mortgage w/ Andy Hill – EP 41

Today we’ve got Andy Hill from the Marriage Kids & Money podcast talking with us about how he and his wife PAID OFF THEIR MORTGAGE! Lots of people consider themselves debt-free even prior to paying off their house, but not Andy! Paying off a mortgage early is quite the under-taking and requires a great deal of determination, but Andy tells us how they made it happen! Andy gives us tips on how to pay off your house and be real-deal debt-free! Listen in!


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We asked Andy all about how he and his wife paid off their mortgage and what it feels like to be completely debt-free! Here’s some of the questions we asked:

  • What was your aha moment for paying off debt?
  • Why did you decide to prioritize paying off the mortgage so quickly after?
  • What was your income and plan of attack for paying it off your mortgage? How much were you investing? Did you put other things on hold?
  • Did paying off your mortgage go according to plan?
  • What do you recommend for people who want to pay off their mortgage quickly?
  • Andy’s TIPS:
    • Grow income – get that raise!!
    • Figure out your goals – accomplish – get your money!
    • Find a side hustle; look to what you are passionate about and your marketable skills and figure out a way to mash the 2 together!
    • Spend less 🙂 – look at what expenses you can eliminate
    • Look at “BIG” things – car loan, food, housing, etc. and cut costs
    • Ladder it – over months progressively get used to less money
    • Practice time management

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Lightning Round
We’ve got more questions for Andy!

  • If you could go back and change anything, would you?

Andy’s Answer: Spend more time with open communication regarding how to handle money. Both Andy and his wife had ideas with the money but wouldn’t share it with each other

  • Andy what do you have going on at MKM?

Check out his podcast and blog here:

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