How to Save Money on Home Decor | Create a Space You Love & Decorate Your Home For Less – EP 15

We all want our home to be a place where we can relax, enjoy family time, and entertain others; but how do we create a beautiful and functional environment without breaking the bank? Today we look to the internet and Jill’s personal expertise on interiors to bring you some top notch tips on uniquely decorating your space the frugal way!


Spray Paint: Don’t like the color of your cabinet hardware? Spray paint it! Wish that plastic owl was gold?Spray paint it!


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Notable Notes

  • What the Internet has to Say:
    • Apartment Therapy curated 20 tips for decorating on a budget from a few of the pros. Some out of the box ideas are shared from those in the business of decorating homes.
  • What Jen and Jill have to Say:
    • We like what Jamie Drake has to say about shopping at home. Check your basement, attic, or even other rooms for pieces that could accentuate or complete the look you want.
    • Emily Henderson also shared a great tip in the article about focusing on one statement piece and finding less expensive items to compliment that decor.
    • We also agree to focus on the shape and function of furniture as they can be reupholstered or painted if the color or fabric is not quite right.
  • More from the Internet:
    • This Country Living article provides 38 decorating ideas for those sprucing up their homes on a budget. The author focuses on small projects that can make all the difference in the look and feel of the rooms in your home!
  • More from Jen and Jill:
    • While there is much to debate about wallpaper, it can be worth considering on an accent wall; especially if you purchase the kind that is easily removed! Check out this article for a list of companies selling removable wallpaper!
    • We also agree with the tips on adding a fresh coat of paint to walls as a way of re-imagining a room(#3), using trays and large plates to organize and corral items (#9), turning cards or prints into framed pieces of art (#24), and changing out the hardware on cabinets for a clean and updated look (#25)!


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  • Our Experience
    • Jill can’t speak highly enough about yard sales, thrift stores, the clearance section, and AUCTIONS! If you can be patient, and keep a running list of the things you are looking for, you can usually find something one of a kind!
    • Also consider DIY projects – get inspired by pinterest when decorating different parts of your home!
    • Keep an eye out for free curb-side treasures! Jill has scored some great furniture and decor both for herself and for friends this way!
    • The best thrift stores for specific needs:
      • Habitat for Humanity ReStore: fixtures, furniture, hardware
      • Goodwill: household, paintings, picture frames. If you have a goodwill outlet near you, that’s even better – you pay by the pound!
      • Find community thrift stores on Yelp while traveling – you will often find variety, especially in high end/affluent areas
    • If you have friends working in the trades, check with them for discounted or free leftover supplies! But don’t take advantage of them 🙂
  • What YOU had to say on this topic:
    • We received a lot of tips from our Frugal Friends Facebook Community and wanted to share a few of the best!
      • Jen recommended using the nextdoor app, offer up, facebook marketplace, and buy nothing groups rather than purchasing new. Check them out!
      • Lisa reminded us about freecycle a great website to get things for FREE! You gotta be quick though!
      • Sarah shared a tip about online yard sales, these can be found in your area on facebook
      • Alyssa let us in on her secret about going to estate sales on the last day, they’ll typically cut the prices just to get rid of stuff!
      • Katherine suggests mentioning to friends and family what you’re looking for. She has been able to get most of her furniture/appliances/dishware on long term loans or as gifts. Plus, she’s always willing to help people move, organize, or downsize, which can often come with the added perk of inheriting some “hand-me-downs” – you never know what they want to give away or get rid of!

Thanks frugal friends for the tips! We want to hear more from YOU! Check us out and join in on the conversation at

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