Paying Off $133,763 of Debt with Amanda from Debt Free in Sunny CA – EP 14

In this episode we talk with Amanda from Debt Free in Sunny CA about her massive $133,763 debt pay-off! Amanda and her husband paid off over $133,000 of debt in 43 months and became debt free just a few short weeks ago on July 5th 2018. During that time she started the #debtfreecommunity on Instagram that has become a safe haven for others paying off debt.

Notable Notes

Amanda shares tips on how they paid off debt, getting her partner on board, and even how to save on pet care and vet bills! We also discuss the importance of finding your “why” in this debt-free and financial independence journey. Amanda shares her “why” along with other great insights on partnering with your spouse to accomplish financial goals.

We had a great time talking with Amanda and hearing her amazing debt pay-off story, and celebrating her accomplishment with her! Not to mention, we always appreciate learning new tips from our frugal friends!

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