Husbands tell all – our 2 year Celebration! – EP 104

It’s our most listener requested episode AND our 2 year podcast celebration! You all asked the questions, and Travis and Eric answered! It’s certainly not ‘content heavy’ but it is fun!


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  • The Better Half: In any whole – there is always a better half. This is true about sandwiches, bananas, shirts, and marriages. Today you will meet our better halves and then you will know the right way to eat a banana.

Notable Notes:

You asked, our husbands answered!

  • Stacey- Our love stories & how we met?
  • Mona: Do you feel accurately represented on the podcast?
  • Jocelyn: We want to hear all about Eric’s cars+Travis’ amazing hair!
    • ALSO, do you have any friends named bill?
    • Who sings the BOTW song?? It’s so catchy!
  • Leslie: How do you balance what you + your spouse think is important to spend $ on?
  • Patricia: what’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of frugality?
  • Virginia: what was the most challenging part of becoming frugal (or along the frugal journey?)
  • Adrienne: Has your idea of style changed since being frugal?
  • Jay: what financial goals to you have for yourselves?
  • Caroline: how do you guys handle the fame of your wives?:)

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thank you Travis and Eric for sharing your bills with us!

Lightning Round

Best Frugal Tips

  • Travis – find someone who can align with financial approach
  • Eric – research your purchases; learn what something is worth and how to get good deals!

Wrap Up:

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Thanks for listening! See you next week!

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