How to Make Budgeting Work for You w/ Rachel Cruze – Ep 116

Despite how important budgeting is for our frugal lifestyles, we often skip over this step or struggle to find a method that works well for us. For this reason (and many others) we are over the moon to share our conversation with THE Rachel Cruze about her budgeting tips and the ways we can tailor our budgets to make sense for our lives and circumstances!


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  • Taking One for the Team: when you experience something awful so that others don’t have to, or you learn a new lesson the painfully hard way so that others can pick it up easily. Kinda like taking a soccer ball to the face at recess. Taking one for the team; it’s not pleasant, but the rest of us are grateful.

Notable Notes:

We were honored to ask Rachel Cruze all about her budgeting tips and ways to tailor our budgets to work for us!

  • How can someone who busts their budget every month safeguard themself to stop spending out of control?
  • How about for the opposite person who just wants to hoard money and that’s keeping them from reaching financial goals?
  • How can someone make the cash envelope or clip system work if they don’t like carrying cash?
  • What should someone do after they break their budget, like they get an unexpected bill or they go into Target for one thing and come out with 12?

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Rachel for sharing with us your tip about spending less at target than expected!

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Lightning Round

Our most recent budgeting flop and how we recovered. 

  • Rachel- food! Recovered by spending less in other areas
  • Jen- newspaper subscription :/
  • Jill- thankfully not doing much right now; but FOOD – always food! That pendulum swings and I get real tired of figuring out meals everyday. I do best in the radical middle (some meals at home, some take out – or a mixture i.e. CFA chicken on my own salad)

Rachel Cruze Website, Show

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