DFS: How Tina Overcame Setbacks to Pay Off $175K of Debt – EP 419

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The burden of debt may seem endless and enduring, leaving one feeling behind when starting their own debt-free journey. In this episode, Jen and Jill are joined by Tina to share her inspiring 15-year debt-free journey, including creative strategies, benefits, and mindset shifts to overcome being in debt. 

You can be debt free without doing everything perfectly!


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The Art of Strategy Behind Debt Freedom

Tina, a high school guidance counselor and part-time financial coach, has been in the field for 28 and 8 years, respectively. As she had enough being in debt, Tina made it her mission to become debt-free. She challenged her love for shopping, shifted her mindset to find motivation in saving, and embraced the ability to give and invest.

Tina transformed her financial situation by discovering herself, learning her spending habits, and finding alternative sources to fulfill them. By making intentional choices and staying consistent and patient, she finally achieved her goal of becoming debt-free.

Embracing Mindset and Lifestyle Shifts

Tina had around $175,000 in debt, including student loans, credit card debt, auto loans, and mortgage loans, which she had been paying off for 15 years. Her debt-free journey centers on the significant shift in her lifestyle that has brought her freedom, liberation, and the ability to give and invest. Thinking forward, Tina is determined to achieve a new goal: to save money to pay in cash for her new car in the next few years.

✨Update on Tina

Now that Tina has become debt free, she will be retiring at an early age from her position as a  high school counselor. Tina intends to further develop her financial coaching business and help others in creating options for their future along with dedicating time to writing another book. 

What became your “alternative source of happiness” or small happiness while paying off your debt?

For Jen, spending quality time with friends is important as life becomes busier, and starting her first blog gives her a sense of purpose to help somebody else in her situation. Meanwhile, Jill finds small happiness through her side business, quality time with friends, and discovering inexpensive ways to have fun adventures.

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A breath of fresh air when you’re drowning in consumer culture

This podcast is great for de-programming yourself from consumer culture without the clickbait-y extreme minimalism schtick. It has also helped me to work though a lot of my shame/guilt/fear around spending and finances that have kept me paralyzed. They sort of take the gentle parenting approach to personal finance and I am here for it!! They are unpretentious, practical, fun to listen to, and keep me motivated to stick with my values and longer term goals. I haven’t been a listener for too long but the variation in topics so far feels just right with a mix of “pure” financial advice, lifestyle and personal growth material, tips and tricks as well as the occasional true crime content (omg the romance scams!) Thank you so much, Jen & Jill!”

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