Home Renovations On A Budget – EP 159

Home renovations have a reputation for being very expensive and feeling unattainable at times! While it is true that skilled labor costs decent money – we want to talk about the upgrades and updates we can make that bring beauty and value to our homes without costing a fortune!


  • Sinking Funds: Often talked about, not often kept, sinking funds are essential to being able to pay for big expenses like vacations, cars, and water heaters. Your sinking fund wants you to know that keeping it in a high-yield savings account separate from your regular checking and savings lessens the likelihood of you spending it. Any high-yield savings account without fees or minimum balance requirements will do. Currently we like Axos Bank because there are no maintenance fees, account minimums, and it has an impressive .61% APY. And when you sign up for an account through frugalfriendspodcast.com/axos you support the show at no extra cost to you.
  • Trees: The very tall ones can fall on your house and break your roof in multiple places. They can make you paranoid everytime you pass one or cause you to stereotype undeserving trees just because they look like the one that fell on your house. Trees, they’re pretty but watch out.

Ep 15- How to Save Money on Home Decor

Ep 23- DIY Home Maintenance Tips


What the Internet has to say:

This article from family handyman outlines some of the renovations we could do right away at little cost.

More from the Internet:

This article from Homeowners Hub gives a VERY helpful list of 5 home renovation and home improvement projects you should not tackle on your own!


  • Thank you Melissa for submitting your bill about speech therapy and receiving a grant for this which led to putting money saved towards debt!
  • Thank you Jenna for sharing your bill about your internet, getting your line replaced and receiving a credit on your internet bill!

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Lightning Round 

Our own home renos – the good and the bad

  • Jill-  we have been able to do some beautiful upgrades for low cost when we DIY; but have incurred some injuries along the way!
  • Jen- found a guy on FB marketplace to do our driveway and it is flawless. BUT the DIY painted tile in the bathroom is peeling…


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