Frugality 101 – EP 1

In this episode, we introduce the Frugal Friends Podcast, share a bit about ourselves, and a lot about frugality. We’re excited to create a platform for sharing and learning together on this frugal journey! Frugality is for everyone; so join us by listening, engaging with our Facebook Group, taking the 90 Day Frugalizer challenge, and utilizing the…

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The Frugal Friends Podcast
Frugality 101 - EP 1

Welcome to the Frugal Friends Podcast!

Are you trying to pay off debt or reach other financial goals? Do you often wonder where all your money went? Have you been looking for a community that will help you grow to your fullest frugal potential? Then join us on the Frugal Friends Podcast where we help you save money on things you need,…

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