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The lockdowns have opened doors for people to unleash their creativity in various ways including weddings. As the wedding landscape has changed since 2019, the expenses have also gone up. This highly requested episode highlights the changes in the wedding landscape and how you can save money without having to worry about not being able to fulfill your dream wedding.

It’s not everybody’s once in a lifetime. It is your once in a lifetime.


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Elopement vs. Wedding Cost

In 2018, the average wedding cost was around $44,000 (and probably is even higher today). There is a way that you could still have a party without going crazy with your expenses and one of those ways is through elopement. Together theory shares with this article the difference between elopement vs. a wedding to help you weigh its pros and cons. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

For Jen, it is untrue that hiring a photographer or videographer for an elopement or a wedding is the same–the price still varies, especially on weekdays when you can save more. A smaller venue for elopement will make you spend less but do not forget to consider the day of coordination. Jill thinks you may be able to spend less for florals, hiring a DJ, and food for elopement. It’s important to figure out all the ways to hack it so you can save more. 

6 Ways a Micro Wedding Will Save You Money

Elopement is a great choice to save you money but it’s not everyone’s favored choice. This article introduces us to reasons how a smaller wedding can save us money.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

For a small wedding, it is also expected that you create a smaller guest list which Jen finds important to save money. This can decrease the expenses for decors and rentals. Jill adds that a smaller wedding calls for a lower priced venue, less food (and food waste) and you can even ask guests to come in their best casual attire. 

Creative ways we used to save on our wedding (that something we wouldn't do again)

Jen wishes she would have paid for a DJ while Jill recommends having a shorter engagement and planning time. Another one is having friends provide various services such as DJ, photography, flowers, etc.

Bill of The Week

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Best before… not expired.

A lady in my Buy Nothing group is a huge advocate for No food waste and she posted these pictures on our group. She corrects people when they say “expired food” because it’s not! It’s “best before” and Here’s how long it takes to expire after the best before date. I’ve scored a lot of free food from my BN group because people were giving away food past their “best before date” and I don’t care about that. I thought that might be helpful to post it here.

She posted a guide from a community food bank with guidelines and shelf life after code dates.

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