How to Save Money on a Wedding (Part 1!) – EP 6

Jen and Jill talk wedding ceremonies – specifically the most expensive parts including; rings, dress, venue, flowers, and photographer. Of course, the internet is roped into the conversation and the Frugal Friends dialogue about key tips to saving money on ‘the big day’. The Friends even share their own frugal fails, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes! Stay tuned for ‘Part II’ where the Frugal Friends will explore frugal ways to throw a killer reception!

Notable Notes

  • What the Internet has to say
    • BuzzFeed Article
    • Rachel outlines 33 ways to save money on your wedding. Tips on everything from day of the week, to choosing the right vendors are covered.
      • What Jen and Jill have to say
        • Jen likes #4 outside vendors, and #15 venues with visual appeal
        • Jill disagrees on #2 – ‘taking your time’
    • Woman Getting Married Article
    • Jen Goldenburg takes a close look at wedding dresses, and shares 5 ways to save money on this important element.
      • What Jen and Jill have to say
        • Jen likes #5 non-wedding gown – obviously because this is what she did!
        • Jill shares her frugal fail. Pictures below!
        • The dress Jill thought she was getting

        • The dress Jill actually got

  • Most Expensive Parts of A Wedding – What the Frugal Friends did
    • Venue
      • Jen – a shuffle board court!
      • Jill – cheapest church in town that could seat 300!
    • Rings
      • Jen – Pawn Shop Haggling
      • Jill – Antique/Consignment store
    • Photographer
      • Jen – Friends!
      • Jill – Budding photographer friend using wedding to build portfolio and brother-in-law for second shooter
    • Flowers
      • Jen – Did not buy many flowers – she thought the shuffle board court was beautiful enough!
      • Jill – Eric picked her flowers day of the wedding
  • Wedding Freebies

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