Eric Sirianni

Save Money on Car Expenses – EP 10

In this episode we tackle a subject that is a bit beyond our expertise, BUT frugality can be applied to all areas of life; including cars! We talk car maintenance, purchasing, and overall approach to vehicles that can reorient how we view transportation, while also exploring some ways to save money in the process! We…

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Overcoming Your Financial Upcoming w/ Joel Larsgaard – EP 9

Today on the Frugal Friends Podcast we do something very new and exciting by hosting a guest! You don’t want to miss this interview with Joel Larsgaard from the Pour not Poor podcast. In addition to hosting a podcast about craft beer and personal finance with his friend Matt, he also works as a radio…

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Spend Less at Restaurants – EP 8

That’s right – Jen and Jill like to go out to eat too! Believe it or not, you can eat at restaurants and still be frugal! In this episode, the frugal friends bring you the best the internet and life experience has to offer regarding dining out without destroying those financial goals. Notable Notes What…

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