Your Guide to Simple Solopreneurship w/ Laura Adams – EP 170

Thinking about starting your own side business, or even full-time business? Feeling overwhelmed by all that’s involved with owning a business? You’re not alone! And Laura Adams is here to talk about the most important things to consider when being a solopreneur, and how to take small, manageable steps towards being your own boss!


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  • Doing it Yourself: It’s not just a concept for refurbishing furniture, fixing the toilet, or washing the dishes. Doing it yourself can also be applied to starting your own business or side hustle – of course you can rope others in to help you – but you can be the boss! Doing it yourself…when you want it done right.

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Notable Notes:

We asked Laura Adams all about her journey in solopreneurship and tips for others hoping to start their own business:

  • Laura tells us about her solopreneur journey
  • Tips on where to start if someone wants to begin a side business
  • So many people are nervous about starting a side business because they’re scared of incorporating and filing taxes, and all the organization stuff. Laura tells us what’s important and what’s not important when starting out
  • For someone who wants to use a side business to leave their job, Laura explains what they should be doing to prepare that exit strategy

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Lightning Round

Knowing now the mistakes you’d make, what’s a word of advice you’d give yourself personally when just starting out. 

  • Laura- worry less – trust in the process and trust experts to provide support
  • Jen- Focus on your ONE Thing
  • Jill- find ways to ‘try it out’ before investing big

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