The Pink Tax: What It Is + How To Avoid It – EP 132

Whether or not you have heard of the pink tax, we can nearly guarantee you’ve encountered it in some way! On this episode we take a broad look at what the pink tax is, the various products and services most susceptible, and how to avoid paying extra unnecessarily.


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Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Bankrate explains the pink tax and some common products and services that cost more for women

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • The pink tax is “a system of discriminatory pricing on products and services that is based on gender” and costs the average woman $1,300 a year while impacting all aspects of daily life from shopping to dry cleaning
  • What can be done?
    • Awareness and smarter buying are key!
    • Women pay 92% more than men for dry cleaning dress shirts, 54% more than men for a haircut, and 13% more for personal care products (just to name a few)
    • Feminine hygiene products are subject to sales tax in 35 states
    • Women’s credit scores, on average, are nine points lower than men’s, even though they typically carry less debt
    • Re-examine your beauty routine and assess spending in these various categories

More from the Internet:

This article from The Simple Dollar gives us a few key ways to avoid the pink tax.

More from Jen + Jill:

  • 1. Research the brands you purchase
  • 2. Consider unisex products
  • 3. Support companies ‘taking a stand’
  • 4. Be a part of eliminating the pink tax
  • 5. Support legislation to stop the pink tax
  • 6. Take advantage of credit card rewards – find ones that reward you for the things you purchase often

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Lightning Round

Personal Pink Tax Experiences

  • Jen– I certainly see how I save more money having a son – so many additional products are geared towards little girls
  • Jill- When working at a group home I was unable to take a teenage girl to the barber for a $10 haircut and instead had to take her to the salon for a $45 hair cut


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