The Best Money Hacks w/ Lisa Rowan – EP 197

Tried and true long-term money strategies are great, but sometimes we just want to know the best hacks for spending less and saving more. Thankfully Lisa has compiled over 200 top tips for making the most of our money and resources; in this episode we’re going over the heavy hitters on categories like curbing spending, debt pay-off, earning money, and planning for the future.

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  • New year’s resolutions. If you made a new year’s resolution this time last month it’s statistically likely you’ve already given up on it. We know our listeners are in the minority who keep their financial resolutions but if you find yourself struggling, make things easier on yourself. Like if you have a saving goal, start a new high-yield saving account to keep your savings out of sight and out of mind. Right now we love Axos bank because they have no minimum balance fees or requirements. And if you sign up for an account at you support the show at no extra cost to you.
  • Money Please! I love that scene in Parks and Rec so much, I say it all the time so this episode is also brought to you by the 10 minute YouTube video I watched with all of the Sapersteins best moments from the series. Money Please, give me money it’s just easier. 

For more money hacks, cue up:

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